Miller Industrial Manufacturing has three 3D Waterjets and can cut almost any material into virtually any shape with Dynamic Waterjet XD® 3D technology.

Whether it’s exotics like titanium, Inconel® or Hastelloy®, or delicate materials like glass and stone, our skilled craftsmen and advanced technology deliver precision cutting that conventional methods can’t match — with increased speed, superior service and reduced consumables for lower costs.
Our new Dynamic XD® features 5 axis cutting. Nothing can match the accuracy, speed and flexibility of waterjet manufacturing. These machines are engineered specifically for extremely high levels of accuracy and performance. They are capable of cutting material from .020 of an inch to 7.0 inches thick in material ranging from metal, stone, glass, and composites.

3D shape cutting with up to 60 degrees of motion for virtually any shape and your most intricate designs.


HyperPressure, 87,000 psi
Taper Compensation
160” x 78” envelope
7” thickness


Mild steel
Stainless Steel
Inconel® and Hastelloy®
Composite alloys
Granite and Marble
Ceramic tile
Rubber and Foam


Greater precision
Faster cutting
Low or no set-up costs
Reduced production costs
Reduced material use
Reduced secondary operations
No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
No mechanical stress
Environmentally sound
Excellent surface finish
Small kerf width

3D Waterjet is ideal for

Miller Industrial Manufacturing has two Flow Mach 4 waterjets. These cutting systems have unsurpassed cutting capabilities that make even the thickest products possible within critical tolerances. A multiple axis wrist allows for programming of rules surfaces up to 60 degrees off of vertical. Add a hairline precision cutting kerf width at an average of 0.035″ and a custom-built 90,000 psi pump system and you have one of the most versatile, effective, and accurate cutting tools in the business. The table size of 79″ x 158″ (with 11″ “Z” capacity) allows us to provide customers with larger waterjet jobs.

Waterjet cutting also includes benefits such as:
  • No Heat Affected Zone
  • Edge Taper Compensation (Dynamic Cutting)
  • Gross Less Material
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Greater Precision
  • Clean cuts
  • No Set-up Costs
  • No Mechanical Stresses
  • Little to no additional machining required
  • Virtually Any Materials
When compared to saw cutting, routing, plasma cut, and laser cutting, the waterjet cut finish stands alone. It has a smoother, more consistent finish that is free of burnt edges, chips, and slag. It can save you unnecessary finishing costs. Waterjet cutting is in fact considered a “finish cut” and is typically used for signs and displays and is most popular for its esthetics.
When you need the job done right, the first time.